Here you will find answers to the most important questions about microcredentials.at in corporation with iMooX.at

Microcredentials are “mini-diplomas” of approximately 75-125 hours of effort that demonstrate knowledge and/or skills in a specific subject area. To earn a microcredential, it is necessary to first complete an online self-study course on iMooX.at, then attend a guided exercise and transfer phase (online or face-to-face) supervised by subject experts. After passing a final assessment, you will receive a certificate issued by a university.

Microcredentials are ideal for continuing professional development, as they can be easily integrated into everyday working life due to the flexible, compact schedule and the online self-study phase on iMooX.at. Microcredentials.at offers courses on topics that are currently relevant on the labour market or will be relevant in the future. Such further education can close the gaps between employees‘ formal education and new requirements on the labour market. If you want to expand your knowledge in the subject area later on, the certificate issued can be credited for further education at Austrian universities.

In order to obtain a microcredential and thus a valid certificate from a university, it is necessary to complete the online self-study phase on iMooX.at, attend the guided phase as well as pass a final assessment. The self-study part of the training, in which the basics are explained, is available as an openly licensed course on iMooX.at. After completing the self-study phase, you will receive an automatically issued certificate that entitles you to participate in the guided phase.

Navigate to the course page of the desired course, then click on “Register now”. You will be directed to the LifeLongLearning page of TU Graz.

Please keep in mind the enrolment deadline and any prerequisites for joining the course.

After registration you will receive an email with all further steps and information on payment options. You will then receive an invoice for the course fee.

Once you have been accepted to the Microcredential programme, TU Graz LifeLongLearning will provide you with all the necessary information and login credentials.

You will receive a university-issued certificate upon completion of the microcredentials course. Among other things, this certificate contains information on the effort involved, expressed in EC. 1 EC corresponds to 25 hours of work (example: 5 EC = 125 hours of work). The certificate can be presented at other European universities and credited towards a further education programme. Whether a microcredential can be credited at a partner university lies in the responsibility of the partner university and follows the regulations applicable there.

If you would like to develop a microcredential, either building on an existing online course or with a new online course on iMooX.at as the basis for the self-study phase, please contact us via the contact form and we will agree on the further procedure together.

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